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TWELVE is a self identity kimono brand with a mission to help people discover more about their self identity through design inspired by the Chinese zodiacs. The idea began during my summer study aboard trip to Japan, where I was doing homestay with a Japanese family. My home stay mother specializes in tea ceremony and the art of wearing kimono. During my time, I learn about her profession and how it imporant kimono have made an impact to Japanese culture. In addition, when I was young, I would love to ask people about what Chinese zodiac they were and discover whether we were the same or different zodiacs. Combining my love for Japanese culture and my Chinese heritage, I have created 12 zodiac designs, catalog, instruction manual and website. Each design is based on the Great Race, in which the animals are competing for the spot in the lunar calendar. In addition, the color inspiration for the kimono is based on their lucky color and the obi design is based on their lucky flower. 


Abby Ryan Guido, Tyler School of Art / 2017

Branding Identity, Catalog, Instruction manual, Website

Austen Hart


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