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Moonstone is a curse cleansing bath product that removes any curse that affects your beauty and health. The inspiration for this product is based on witch craft and the idea of healing. The name, “Moonstone” is based on the actual stone that is one the main component to create an elixir in Witchcraft. Using the essence of the moon, the user is granted the ability to heal from anything. In the packaging, there are many components that is inspired by the moon, such the color blue and black, which represents the night time and rhe acutal stone. In addition, each product is made with the mixture of herbs and the moonstone. The packaging includes a witch potion, a bar of soap shaped like a moonstone, magical cleansing powder and a scented candle.


Paul Sheriff, Tyler School of Art / 2016

Branding Identity, Packaging 

Restaurant Show at Tyler School of Art, Tyler Annual Show

Austen Hart


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