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Harmony is a Japanese sake made from fermented koi fish. The name “harmony” is based on the Japanese word, 調和, which means peace or harmony. The brand takes inspiration from the koi fish as they are one of the animals that represents Japan. In addition, the scales of the koi fish is the main component for the packaging. The bottle is decorated with a scale pattern and the outside carrier’s design uses the water color texture with the scales. The use of a clear acrylic box was used to present the idea of the koi fish being inside of a fish tank. Lastly, the bottle was sand blasted with koi fish scale and contains an orange liquior that is resembles of the color of the koi fish. 


Paul Sheriff, Tyler School of Art / 2016

Branding Identity, Packaging 

Restaurant Show at Tyler School of Art, Tyler Annual Show

Austen Hart


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