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QUIET is special exhibition featured by the Minimum Museum. This exhibition is based on the true concept of Quiet, as they are sounds produced by nature. The goal of the exhibition is to create an awareness of quiet and how it will soon be “extinct”. Using simple and subtle designs that reflects nature, capture the concept of “QUIET”. There are multiple uses of imagery based on Gordon Hempton and his project, “One Inch Square of Silence”, which is protecting the last quiet area in United States of America. The Hoh rainforest is the core of his mission and most of the exhibition contains multiple uses of beautiful imagery of this rain forest. For this exhibition, I have created a catalog that details the idea of the quiet, what noise is and a description of Gordon Hempton. There is also a video that promotes the exhibition and a website that details the user about Quiet and how to particapte in the exhibition. 

Website URL: https://julielamdesign.com/quiet/


Dermot Maccormack, Tyler School of Art / 2016

Logo, corporate identity, website, advertising video and catalog

Austen Hart


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